Bamboo Groom boar bristle brush

for removing dead hair, dirt and dust from the coat

34,00 PLN

Size: szerokość: 8 cm, długość: 10 cm

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Size: szerokość: 8 cm, długość: 10 cm
  • you not only nurture but also provide your pet with a daily amount of petting

    • ergonomic handle
    • non-slip handle
    • rounded needles that do not slip inside
  • Bamboo the world's fastest growing renewable plant. It is a natural, biodegradable ingredient, the extraction of which causes almost no harm to the environment. Bamboo wood is used for furniture, flooring, fencing and even for building houses and bridges because it is very durable.
    Soft boar bristles remove dead hair, dirt and dust from the top coat
    The boar bristle brush is used to remove dead hair, dirt and dust from the top coat. By using our brush, you not only care for your pet's hair, but also provide him with a daily dose of stroking. Each Bamboo Groom product is hand-made, which guarantees its durability for many years. Our pet grooming accessories are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric to prevent the pins from sliding back into the brush head (a downside to many other grooming utensils). Thanks to their ergonomic shape and non-slip grips, our brushes, combs and felts are suitable for experienced professionals as well as for daily home care.
      • environment friendly
      • biodegradable
      • handmade

simple case

  • Perfect for everyday home care.
  • Brush size: width: 8 cm, length: 10 cm Weight: 87.6 g
  • Regular combing helps maintain healthy and shiny coat for our pets.


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