BLUE TREE Strawberry Cheesie Cake

a healthy snack for your dog

5,23 EUR

Weight: 50 g

Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 50 g

    • raw materials from own production
    • without preservatives
    • no artificial colors
    • without flavor enhancers
  • Composition: lactose-free powdered milk 56.8%, beef gelatin, vegetable glycerin, strawberries 4.8%, beet 0.8%, paprika Protein 49.6%, fat content 1%, crude fiber 0.7%, crude ash 5 %, calcium 7,628 mg / kg, phosphorus 5,820 mg / kg;
    Our Strawberry Cheese Cake is made with calcium-rich milk, lactose-free and will give your dog a long-lasting chewing pleasure! Beautifully decorated with hand-made strawberry slices. Only 1.0% fat. No sugar and no artificial colors with natural beetroot juice!
    About Blue Tree BLUE TREE is your specialist in treats and innovative products for man's best friend. Whether it's practical teethers for tooth care, a variety of chewing toys or delicious rewards during training - we do everything we can for your dog! We manufacture our products in our own factory from fresh ingredients, which guarantees consistently high quality. BLUE TREE obtains a large number of raw materials directly from its own production. Around the farm there is agricultural land that has been owned by the family for many generations. What we do not produce ourselves, we obtain from regional partners who are personally selected by us. BLUE TREE does not buy raw materials whose origin cannot be proven beyond any doubt. Consistent quality from reputable sources is at the top of our list of requirements. Needless to say, we do not use artificial colors, flavor enhancers or additives with questionable ingredients. Our products should not only make your dog happy, but also help him lead a healthy and active life for many years.
      • natural
      • traditional, hand method - kneading and cutting out dough
      • healthy snack, a perfect diet supplement
      • highest quality

simple case

  • Blue Tree is the perfect complement to meals for dogs
  • For feeding as a snack. Serve only under supervision and remove small residues
  • When giving your Pupil a cookie, remember to reduce his main meal
  • After opening, store in a closed container in a dry and cool place. Use an open package within 14 days. Remember that your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water.


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