COOCKOO green apple Bumpies toy S

a cheerful, irregularly shaped creature is reflected in an unpredictable way

7,60 EUR

Size: 7,5x4,8cm

Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Size: 7,5x4,8cm

    • unique design and high-quality, durable material
    • thanks to the two holes, you can put your favorite delicacies inside
    • greatly develops the dog's abilities
    • it is steeped in the scent of green apple, which will stimulate the pet's senses even more and encourage him to play
  • High-quality rubber safe material, very durable
    Bumpies is an egg-shaped toy that, thanks to its irregular shape, reflects in an unpredictable way, which allows your pet to have great fun. In addition, thanks to two holes, you can put your pet's favorite delicacies inside to encourage him to play independently. This activity, in addition to entertainment, greatly develops the dog's abilities, because it has to be very busy to get to its tasty morsel. In addition, Bumpies is saturated with a tempting scent, which will stimulate the pet's senses even more and encourage him to play.
      • a cheerful creature ensures laughter not only of pets but also of their parents
      • irregular shape
      • for smart dogs

simple case

  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • It gives many opportunities for active play with the dog
  • Perfectly meets the dog's need for biting
  • To diversify the play and encourage the dog to play it, put some small pieces in the middle or brush with wet food


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