Flamingo Wido TPR Blue ball

suitable for dogs, even with strong jaws

5,52 EUR

Size: 7 cm

Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Size: 7 cm
  • hard ball:

    • durable and strong
    • soft and flexible rubber is very safe
    • many intriguing textures and shapes increase the dog's interest
    • the toy makes sounds
  • Flexible TPR high durability thanks to the highest quality materials and the method of production, it is a durable, rubber casting
      • toy for a long time
      • they have tabs that massage the dog's gums and prevent the build-up of tartar
      • it can also be easily washed, which helps to maintain hygiene
      • nadają się również do zabawy w wodzie, gdyż utrzymują się na powierzchni

simple case

  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • The irregular shape makes the dog is good playing


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