Gussto Cat Fresh Rabbit and Calf 200 g

balanced superpremium food for cats

1,71 EUR

Weight: 100 g

Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 100 g
Age of cat: Kitten, Adult, Senior
  • balanced meal

    • made of 100% fresh meat
    • without sugar
    • preservatives free
    • gluten free
    • artificial flavors and colorants free
    • cereals or the addition of legumes free
    • without mechanically separated meat (MSM)
  • Ingredients: 50% Veal (including approx. 2/3 muscle and heart meat, approx. 1/3 liver and lungs), 20% Rabbit, 28.8% meat stock, 1% minerals, 0.2% milk thistle oil Analysis: Protein: 10.6%, Fat: 6.9%, Crude Ash: 2.4%, Crude Fiber: 0.4%, Moisture: 79% Balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio: 1.11 / 1 Extras per 1 kg: Vitamin D3: 220 IE, vitamin E: 33 IE, zinc as zinc sulphate, monohydrate: 16.5 mg, manganese as manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate: 3.3 mg, iodine as calcium iodate: 0.825 mg, taurine: 2000 mg, biotin: 330 mcg
    DESCRIPTION: A complete, complete and perfectly balanced superpremium food for cats. It is produced from 100% of the highest quality fresh meat to a high standard that meets the requirements of human food. Gussto is the essence of good and healthy nutrition. It contains a lot of meat, perfectly meeting the specific nutritional requirements of cats. It is a mono-protein food, so it is holistic, easy to digest and very easily digestible, also recommended for cats with a sensitive digestive tract. Also used in diets excluding food allergies. The perfectly balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio minimizes the risk of diseases of the urinary system and kidneys. In addition, Gussto food contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, is very rich in Taurine and Biotin, and it includes the beneficial milk thistle oil - rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which has anti-inflammatory properties, regulates the digestive and regenerative functions of the liver, and strengthens the immune system.
      • the maximum amount of pure meat
      • human grade meat
      • healthy, natural ingredients
      • easy to digest and very well digestible
      • simple warehouses

simple case

  • Recommended for cats with a sensitive digestive tract or food allergies
  • A perfectly balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus reduces the risk of diseases of the urinary system and kidneys
  • Contains milk thistle oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, regulating digestive and regenerative functions of the liver, strengthening immunity
  • The diet is easily digestible and satisfies all cat's nutritional needs
  • Thanks to properly combined ingredients, the food reflects the natural diet of cats, is easily absorbed and does not cause digestive problems
  • Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight. After opening, store in the refrigerator for up to 24 H.


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