ICEPAW mit Lachs - delicacies made of white fish and salmon

source of Omega 3

6,29 EUR

Weight: 150 g

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 150 g

    • simple composition
    • processed right after catch
    • perfect for tooth care
    • no artificial flavors
  • Pure ingredients 80% dried and ground white fish, 20% salmon meat
    Analytical composition: crude protein 58.4%, crude fat 11.4%, dry matter 92.9%, crude fiber 0.2%, crude ash 10.2%
    100% natural, rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. They contain 80% white fish fillets and 20% salmon meat, processed immediately after being caught. After preparation, they are dried for a minimum of 48 hours at 20 degrees Celsius, which ensures optimal preservation of nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids sensitive to high temperatures. Such a delicate production process also preserves the natural taste and aroma of fish loved by dogs The delicacies are round in shape with a diameter of about 2 cm Perfect for tooth care The zipper packaging makes it easy to store and preserve the natural aroma after opening the delicacies. The packaging is biodegradable, in line with the latest environmental requirements. This means that the packaging itself degrades in contact with the environment, without human interference. Regular checks of raw materials, production processes and end products guarantee high quality and safety
      • 100% natural
      • innovative product
      • safe for dogs
      • biodegradable packaging

simple case

  • Please note that each dog has individual characteristics and metabolism, and his feeding requirements will vary with breed, environment, activity level and age.
  • Ice Paw's treats should be given to the dog between meals as part of a prize or treasury
  • Store at room temperature.


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