Natural dog and cat toothpaste

protects against tartar, fights plaque, freshener breath

39,90 PLN

Capacity: 50 ml

Age of cat: Kitten, Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
What need care: Muzzle care

    • fluorine
    • sugars
    • alcohol
    • artificial colourants
    • salt
    • phosphates
    • artificial flavors
  • 100% NATURAL
    Shea butter regenerates, protects, soothes irritations, has antibacterial properties, strengthens gums
    Coconut oil prevents tooth decay, whitens teeth, reduces inflammation, provides strong antibacterial properties
    Natural abrasive mineral removes plaque and tartar, polishes and smoothes
    Vegetable glycerin regenerates, strengthens enamel, forms a protective layer
    Peppermint extract has antibacterial and antifungal properties, refreshes breath
    Natural toothpaste for dogs and cats. "According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, over 80% of dogs aged four years suffer from periodontal disease. That is why oral prophylaxis of dogs is so important. Regular and systematic cleaning of your teeth not only cleanses and allows you to take care of your pet's fresh breath, but also about his health. Bacteria multiplied in your quadruped's mouth can affect his whole body - damaging the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs. Totobi natural toothpaste was developed in such a way as to reduce plaque build-up during regular use. Its composition includes only natural ingredients, partly used also in the food industry. A natural abrasive mineral, removes deposits, polishes and smoothes. Shea butter regenerates and works antibacterially, in combination with coconut oil it has anti-caries and teeth whitening properties. A light addition of mint extract will make your pet's breath fresh and pleasant.
      • without rinsing
      • natural
      • vegan
      • hypoallergenic
      • environmentally friendly
      • tested on humans
      • made in Poland

simple case

  • 1. Apply a small amount of paste to your finger and let your dog lick it
  • 2. A small amount of paste, apply to the toothbrush
  • 3. Gently brush your dog teeth and gums on the top and bottom for about 2 minutes
  • 4. You don't have to rinse
  • 5. Hug tightly
  • Store at 15°-25°C
  • Use regularly 2-3 times a week, preferably after feeding.
  • The product does not require rinsing.


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