NATUREA Wild board- Grain-free wet food for dogs and puppies

developed by veterinarians and nutritionists

10,90 PLN

Weight: 375 g

Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 375 g

    • glutenu
    • wheat
    • corn
    • artificial flavors
    • soybeans
    • preservatives
    • cereals
  • Fresh wild boar meat 50% contains a lot of full-fledged and easily digestible protein, which is a rich source of B vitamins as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium necessary for the proper functioning of the dog's body
    Broth for taste, aroma and texture
    Analytical composition Crude protein 10.25%, fat 12.15%, fiber 0%, ash 1.67%, moisture 75%.
    Wet food Wild Boar - is a product that was created in cooperation with veterinarians and nutritionists. Refined in the smallest detail, so as to provide a balanced and nutritious portion for each pooch from the first to the last bite. 100% natural ingredients, no cereals, no GMOs. Each Naturea product pack contains over 50% fresh meat to deliver the best to your four-legged friend. Perfect proportions, health oils and omega acids. Due to the duck meat content, Naturea wet food is easily digestible and hypoallergenic. There is probably no quadruped that could resist her. It is especially recommended for dogs with sensitive digestive tract. All the ingredients used to create Naturea's wet duck blueberry food were prepared in a slow cooking process to preserve as much nutrients as possible. Everything is served in a convenient carton. Because your pet deserves the best, doesn't it?
      • 100% natural
      • meets the daily nutritional needs of cats and kittens
      • low carbohydrates
      • balanced ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids
      • highest quality

simple case

  • Please note that each dog has individual characteristics and metabolism, and his feeding requirements will vary with breed, environment, activity level and age. We recommend using the recommended portions as an initial guideline.
  • 1. Dog (1 - 10 kg) 45 g per 1 kg body weight
  • 2. Dog (11- 25 kg) 30 g per 1 kg body weight
  • 3. Dog (25 kg +) 22 g per 1 kg body weight
  • Remember that your pet's well-balanced and balanced diet should consist of dry and wet food. Thanks to this, you provide him with unique taste experiences and pleasure from a meal
  • After opening, store in the fridge for a maximum of 2 days. Remember that the dog should have constant access to fresh drinking water.


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