Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Level 3

for dogs looking for challenges - advanced level

69,90 PLN

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female

    • an advanced level
    • mental stimulation
    • visual stimulation
    • dexterity development
    • great fun
  • Composite material has the best characteristics of plastic and wood
    6 compartments ideal to supplement with delicacies, dry or wet food
    Openings thanks to them the smell escapes, stimulating the sense of smell
      • BPA, PVC and phthalate free
      • easy to clean
      • safe for dogs

simple case

  • When starting the game, let your pet get used to the new toy. Put her on the floor.
  • Start by filling the compartments with delicacies or dry food. Then encourage your pet to explore the toy. He will have to sniff and, with his paw or mouth, will come across drawers that must be unlocked before reaching for the hidden sweets. The closing / opening system involves turning the cube on top. Check if your four-legged friend is a genius!
  • In case of damage - do not use for play


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