PULLER Mini for small breed dogs

is intended for small breed dogs from 5 to 15 kg and for 2-3 months old puppies weighing more than 5 kg

12,62 EUR

Size: Puller Mini: średnica: 18 cm, grubość: 2 cm

Gender: Male, Female
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior
Size: Puller Mini: średnica: 18 cm, grubość: 2 cm

    • safe
    • innovative
    • multifunctional
    • extremely durable
  • DISCOVER ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF THE PULLER MINI PULLER is an innovative, multifunctional product that combines the advantages of a professional fitness toy, training aid and training device. It will help to ensure the excellent physical and mental condition of the dog, build and strengthen the dog's relationship with the human. The puller is perfect for dogs of all breeds and is available in 5 sizes.
      • safe in every way
      • for playing, playing, exercising and training
      • floats on water
      • there are no toxic or dangerous additives
      • developed by breeders - also recommended by behaviorists
      • ergonomic shape

simple case

  • Suitable for all breeds of small dogs
  • Fun that never gets boring Puller is a set of 2 purple rings that will steal your dog's heart and breathe new life into your fun together. If your dog's existing toys were quickly ending their lives or getting bored even faster, then be sure that the Puller will be different. Puller is unique, which was appreciated by customers, and above all ... dogs from around the world.


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