ROGY Grilled sea fish

natural snack

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Weight: 80 g

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 80 g
  • FREE:

    • cereals
    • gluten
    • soybeans
    • preservatives
    • artificial flavors
  • Sea fish - cod, halibut, mackerel - 92% a rich source of beneficial EPA and DHA acids from the omega-3 family. These acids will increase immunity, strengthen skin, hair and nails. Thanks to numerous minerals and vitamins such as: iodine, selenium, vitamin D, magnesium; fish is a valuable addition to the diet of dogs - positively affecting their body
    Protein contains resistance supporting vitamins C and B₆, which conditions the proper functioning of the nervous system
    Potato starch contains resistance supporting vitamins C and B₆, which conditions the proper functioning of the nervous system
    Linseed improves the digestive process, soothes irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, protects the stomach during antibiotic treatment, prevents constipation, reduces the level of bad cholesterol.
    Nutritional values in 100 g protein 34 g, fat 7 g, carbohydrates 4 g, fiber 1 g. Energy value: 272 kcal
    Appropriate balanced food and delicacies as well as proper care guarantee a beautiful and healthy appearance of the pupil. After all, every parent of a four-legged child wants his pet to look beautiful and healthy :-). Healthy, cereal-free snacks. Rogy Grilled sea fish is the perfect delicacy between meals. Thanks to the unique grilling process, followed by drying with warm air, this delicacy retains its aroma and nutritional values without the need to add preservatives. The addition of linseed use affects the digestive system and digestion. Delicious 2 cm pieces are great as training, prizes, filling the ball of flavor and cong.
      • natural
      • meets the daily nutritional needs of dogs
      • hand made in Poland
      • low carbohydrates
      • balanced ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids

simple case

  • Please note that each dog has individual characteristics and metabolism, and his feeding requirements will vary with breed, environment, activity level and age. We recommend using the recommended portions as an initial guideline
  • Rogy's treats should be given to the dog between meals as part of a prize or treasury.
  • Remember that your pet's well-balanced and balanced diet should consist of dry and wet food
  • After opening, store in the fridge for a maximum of 2 days. Remember that the dog should have constant access to fresh drinking water.


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