SINGALOVE cat toy Pink Mouse

100% natural with valerian and catnip

9,20 EUR

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Size: S

    • safe
    • handmade
    • traditional dry felting method
    • light
    • attractive to the cat
  • Worsted wool a natural material, safe for your pet, no worries about biting the toy
    Catnip thanks to her your kitten will want to play and thus his cat's activity increases.
    Valerian has a relaxing effect on cats, making them excited. In addition, it can reduce tension after past stress, helps to intimidate a shy or fearful cat, and also helps to pull a cat out of its hiding place. It helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and soothes gastrointestinal cramps
    Are you looking for a safe and unique toy for your pussycat? The mouse toy for cat with valerian and catnip, is the best toy that is attractive, light, natural and safe for him. Made by hand, traditional wet felting method from worsted wool, which is a natural material. In addition, the smell of valerian and catnip will definitely encourage the kitten to play. The cat toy is unique, friendly, natural and designed in according to the nature of the cat.
      • natural
      • environment friendly
      • handmade
      • with the addition of catnip and valerian
      • designed according to the nature of the cat

simple case

  • Suitable for all breeds of cats, small and large young and seniors
  • A soft toy with protruding elements will take your cat's time for a long time
  • A catnip and valerian toy is safe for your cat and the environment.


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