TENETRIO - HUNDEKEKSE cookies with insects, bananas and chia seeds

suitable for dogs with allergies and with a sensitive stomach

3,90 PLN

Weight: 20 g

Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 20 g

    • ideal for dogs with allergies
    • with each cookie you save 6 liters of water
    • made in Germany
  • Ingredients buckwheat flour * (52%), bananas (22%), Tenebrio molitor beetle larvae (miller's mealworm) (20%), coconut oil * (2%), chia seeds * (1%), linseed flour * (1%)
    Analytical composition Raw Protein (19%), Crude Fat (9.3%), Raw Fiber (1.9%), Raw Ash (2.1%), Moisture (7%) ENERGY VALUE: 15.4 MJ / kg (366 kcal / 100g)
    A mini package perfect for trying. You will find that dogs really love our organic cookies with beetle larvae, banana and chia seeds. Additionally, they will stimulate your dog's digestive and immune systems. Banana is a source of many valuable vitamins and minerals, beetle larvae provide a lot of valuable protein. Chia seeds provide good digestion thanks to their fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. Our cookies are friendly to dogs with allergies and intolerances. They are perfect as training treats or a snack between meals. Tasty and healthy snacks for young and old Chihuahua or Great Dane - our cookies are loved by all dogs! Insects combined with fruit give a unique flavor. The cookies are 100% natural and 100% organic. They do not contain sugar, gluten or preservatives. They are grain-free - we use alternative carbohydrates. The gentle production retains the natural aroma that makes our cookies incomparably delicious - as if they were homemade! Practical, convenient and environmentally friendly They are suitable both as an indispensable training snack and for adding energy during long walks. Or just between meals as a healthy snack. We use high-quality organic ingredients derived from natural crops. Perfect for dogs with allergies. Our WOW effect - with each cookie you save 6 liters of water! COMPOSITION: buckwheat flour * (52%), bananas (22%), Tenebrio molitor beetle larvae (miller's mealworm) (20%), coconut oil * (2%), chia seeds * (1%), linseed flour * (1 %) * 56% of the ingredients in these cookies are organic
      • natural
      • insect protein is less processed than the meat meal
      • for dogs with food intolerance, as well as those with sensitive tummies
      • high-quality organic ingredients derived from natural crops

simple case

  • Delicacies are extremely tasty, which are great for dog allergies and those with sensitive tummies
  • Please note that each dog has individual characteristics and metabolism, and his feeding requirements will vary with breed, environment, activity level and age. We recommend using the recommended portions as an initial guideline.
  • Remember that your pet's well-balanced and balanced diet should consist of dry and wet food
  • Remember that the dog should have constant access to fresh drinking water.


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