NATURAL tonic for removal discoloration

purified, regenerates, protects

34,90 PLN

Capacity: 100 ml

Age of cat: Kitten, Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
What need care: Muzzle care
  • FREE:

    • boric acid
    • steroids
    • alcohol
    • artificial colourants
    • phosphates
    • artificial flavors
    Purified water cleans and supports the action of active ingredients
    Witch water cleanses, has bactericidal properties, soothes
    Cornflower extract brightens, refreshes, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal
    Vitamin C reduces discoloration, strengthens, moisturizes and protects
    Natural prebiotic eliminates discoloration and restores the balance of bacterial flora
    Aloe juice anti-inflammatory, regenerates, soothes, moisturizes
    Green algae extract a strong antioxidant, inhibits discoloration, moisturizes
    2% of other ingredients ensures pleasure of use and high durability of the product
      • without rinsing
      • natural
      • vegan
      • hypoallergenic
      • environment friendly
      • tested on humans
      • made in Poland

simple case

  • 1. Moisten a cotton pad with liquid
  • 2. Clean very gently around the eyes and face without a dot at the end of the sentence
  • 3. Avoid getting the product directly into your eye
  • 5. Hug tightly
  • Store at 15°-25°C
  • Use regularly, at least once a day, without rinsing. Natural product - a small deposit may form during storage
  • The product does not require rinsing.
  • Natural product - a small deposit may form during storage


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