Wiejska Zagroda Whitefish 2 kg

complete dry food with the addition of salmon oil

64,00 PLN

Weight: 2 kg

Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 2 kg
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior

    • 67.5% of fish the addition of salmon oil
    • 32.5% vegetables, fruits, herbs
    • cereals, gluten free
    • hypoallergenic formula
    • low carbohydrates
    • free of allergens, i.e. cereals, soybeans
    • strengthens skin and coat, eyes and joints
  • Whitefish (17%) are freshwater fish with a delicate and tasty meat, rich in vitamin A, group B and D. They perfectly affect the work of the whole body.
    Herring (17%) is a healthy source of protein as well as vitamins and microelements
    Salmon (17%) in turn, is famous for zinc and selenium, which have anti-cancer properties and support the immune system
    Fresh salmon oil (11,5%) is a wealth of Omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acids, valuable for your dog's coat and skin
    Peas are an excellent source of protein, the most valuable supplement, with vitamins of group B, A, as well as a source of iron, potassium and magnesium
    Dried potato flakes source of fiber, it provides vitamins from B group, zinc, magnesium, iron
    Hydrolyzed animal protein (4%) is an excellent component of feeds in elimination diets or in the case of food allergies. In addition, the hydrolysis process increases the digestibility of such a protein and improves digestibility.
    Brewer's yeast has a beneficial effect on the intestinal bacterial microflora and probiotic effect, affects good digestion and immunity
    Flax seeds a source of dietary fiber that has a positive effect on bowel movements
    Beet pulp improves the work of the intestinal passage, prevents deposits in the intestines, has a prebiotic effect, reduces the formation of diarrhea and constipation,
    MOS and FOS (manno-oligosaccharides) support the immune and digestive systems
    Chicory a valuable ingredient that, thanks to the high content of B vitamins, improves skin and coat condition as well as immunity
    Plant extracts of rosemary, citrus, turmeric, vine, cap have a strengthening and bactericidal effect
    Yucca Schidiger a natural ingredient that affects digestion and reduces the amount and smell of excrement
    ANALYTICAL COMPOSITION: crude protein 32%, crude fat 21%, crude ash 9%, crude fiber 4.5%, moisture 8%, calcium 2.1%, phosphorus 1.2%, metabolic energy 3800 kcal / kg Vitamins and minerals : vitamin A 20,000 mg / kg, vitamin D3 1,500 mg / kg, vitamin E 120 mg / kg, iron 100 mg / kg, copper 10 mg / kg, zinc 140 mg / kg, manganese 10 mg / kg, iodine 1 mg / kg, selenium 0.2 mg / kg
      • developed by veterinarians and nutritionists
      • simple natural ingredients
      • local suppliers
      • ingredients in quality for human grade
      • no artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors or GMOs

simple case

  • Remember the transition period of 4 weeks when introducing a new meal. This will allow the pet's body to adapt more easily and prevent stomach problems.
  • The meal sizes given in the table are approximate. Watch your quadruped and reduce or increase the dose as needed.
  • Remember that the dog should have constant access to fresh drinking water.


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