YORA DREAMERS relaxing biscuits treats with insects

the most environmentally friendly treats for dogs

14,00 PLN

Weight: 100 g

Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Gender: Male, Female
Weight: 100 g

    • 100% high quality
    • balanced Dutch larvae
    • hypoallergenic formula
    • without meat meal
    • good for planet
    • lower energy consumption
    • land area, fertilizers and water
  • Oats contain a high fiber content and many nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. It contains vitamin B, which helps to maintain a strong and shiny coat. It is an excellent substitute for carbohydrates in the dog's diet
    Gram Flour is a treasury of protein, gluten free
    Insect Meal (20%) Hermetia Illucens larvae have valuable and nutritious proteins, fats and minerals
    Vegetable Oil a rich source of omega-3 acids, a good source of vitamins D and A
    Dried Spinach (2%) contains beta-carotene, vitamin C and lutein - known antioxidants. A source of magnesium, an element that has a great impact on the functioning of the nervous system, has sedative properties
    Valerian Root (0.5%) a natural remedy for soothing anxiety and anxiety. It is famous for its calming and sleeping qualities
    Lemon Balm (0.5%) is famous for its calming and sleep qualities
    Chamomile (0.5%) calms and makes it easier to fall asleep. It also works effectively on cramps and gastroenteritis
    Analytical composition Crude Protein 22%, Crude Oils & Fats 14.8%, Crude Fibre 5.1%, Crude Ash 4.1%, Moisture 8%.
      • natural
      • insect protein is less processed than the meat meal
      • for dogs with food intolerance, as well as those with sensitive tummies
      • extremely tasty

simple case

  • Relaxing delicacies are extremely tasty, which are great for dog allergies and those with sensitive tummies
  • Please note that each dog has individual characteristics and metabolism, and his feeding requirements will vary with breed, environment, activity level and age. We recommend using the recommended portions as an initial guideline.
  • Remember that your pet's well-balanced and balanced diet should consist of dry and wet food
  • Remember that the dog should have constant access to fresh drinking water.


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