Box: Pure pleasure

MMATA LICKIMAT® PLAYDATE + ROGY Peanut paste with seeds + TOTOBI Natural all purpose cleaner

22,85 EUR 20,51 EUR

Capacity: Mix colors - random shipping
Capacity: Pasta 300 g, Płyn 500 ml, Mata 20x20 cm

Gender: Male, Female
Capacity: Mix colors - random shipping, Pasta 300 g, Płyn 500 ml, Mata 20x20 cm
Type of animal: Cat
Age of dog: Puppy, Adult, Senior

    • free sugar
    • free salt
    • no preservatives
    • no artificial flavors
  • ROGY Nut paste with seeds 100% natural origin
    MATA LICKIMAT® PLAYDATE perfect for stressful moments
    TOTOBI Natural all purpose cleaner 100% natural origin, fragrance free, without rinsing, no sediment
      • Spread your favorite delicacy on your mat
      • Create a tasty and fun game. In the summer, freeze the mat with treats, which will give your quadrupeds even better entertainment. Repeated licking has a soothing effect on the animal, releasing a calming hormone into the body
      • Hand washing. Remember that the mat is not a chew toy. So supervise your pet during the first few times of using the mat.
      • Natural all purpose cleaner safe for Pupili's nose and paws, no rinsing

simple case

  • Holidays, birthdays or other occasions are always the special day when you can and even should give your Pupil an elaborate gift.
  • In our gift box, you'll find the best products, which is something that every dog ​​loves the most.


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