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There is probably  not a single person who has not heard of the coconut oil. It has been discussed and described a lot. It has been in fashion for many years now, but have you ever wondered what influence and benefits it has on our pets? Coconut, also known and the “tree of life” has many benefits, not only for humans, but also for our best friends. The most popular use of coconut is in the branch of health and medicine is the coconut oil, which turned out to cure or to alleviate many diseases. Coconut oil with its great benefits will definitely help our pets. However, before we write about its magical powers and properties, let us see what it is exactly and how it is produced. The coconut oil is extracted from ripe coconuts and has a form of an edible oil used in food products and cosmetics. In the cosmetic industry for people many products based on coconut oil appeared. This trend has began to influence the cosmetics for our pets. One of such products, in which the coconut oil plays the main role is for example the hypoallergenic cleaning soap Totobi. The advantage of this product, aside from it being natural, is a proper basic pH for our animals, thanks to which we have a guarantee that we will not irritate our pets’ sensitive skin. Let us get back to the properties of the coconut oil, though. The Natural Extra virgin coconut oil aside from its antibacterial and antivirus properties also has antimicrobial properties.

What does it mean?

No matter if we apply it with food or directly on our pets’ skin – it works efficiently, by soothing irritated, cracked skin and by giving relief to our Friends. Additionally, thanks to containing the so-called good fats, it makes both the skin and the fur beautiful, healthy and shiny. What other benefits can using the coconut oil bring?

Let us sum up the benefits worth noting when deciding on products with coconut oil:

  1. it noticeably improves the skin condition,
  2. it causes the coat to look shiny and healthy,
  3. when used in shampoos, it is an excellent conditioner for the hair,
  4. reduces the allergic reaction,
  5. perfect for the itching skin,
  6. neutralizes the bad smell,
  7. has antibacterial and antifungal properties,
  8. perfect for the dry skin and hair,
  9. protects from illnesses,
  10. makes healing faster,
  11. an excellent immune material.

No matter if we choose coconut oil added to the food or dog cosmetics with coconut oil, let us remember to always pay attention to the quality of the product that we apply on our pets. Let us read the composition labels, because by choosing synthetic products with little amount of coconut oil – instead of helping, we may harm.



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