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Our story is very simple. This seemingly accidental combination of the right place, time and people. However searching deeper we noticed real our dreams and we needed the time to understand them. We have long analyzed what our potential clients need, we studied their environment, relationships, we asked about things that are important in their lives.

We have noticed close relationships full of love between their pupils and them. After all we people are the whole world for our Pets. Our Pets gives us all one’s joy, gratitude, loyalty and endless love. From this love to Pets, the idea of the Totobi brand was conceived. This love is unique, just like the Pet who offers you this love is unique.

totobi philosophy

Totobi cherishes this special joy, closeness and time spent with the pet. We build affection, love through touch, and the touch means cleanliness, pleasure, smell. Nothing brings us more pleasure than the possibility to hug someone close. We believe that everything that’s best comes from heart, engagement and passion. In the world of Totobi there is no place for aggressive, chemical cleaning products, there is no place for mediocrity. In our world anyone has the right to feel special, happy and beautiful.


A pet in a house is a great joy, and the best view is when our favorites are happy and bursting with joy. We appreciate those joyous friskers for the fact that their presence alone makes us feel better.


Your pet is unique – and so should his cosmetics.  It’s time for the cosmetic to adjust to your pet, and not the other way round. We give you the possibility to decide and to choose the products your pet using.


Nature gives us all that is best, disinterestedly. She gifted us with the richness of raw materials and we decided to use them in our products. We create cosmetics that will help our pets keep beautiful and healthy look in a natural way.


No matter the circumstances, pets remain faithful, don’t keep grudges, love us unconditionally. This real friend is always beside us, will never let us down, never laugh at us. We cherish this beautiful, pure friendship and give him our attention and care.


A pet – a friend, a buddy, a family member, someone important, close, with whom we feel a real emotional bond, with whom we can share our sorrows and who will cheer us up. We love watching you walk together, play or welcome a new day. We feel moved when we see how important you are to each other. We stand by your pet’s need to be close to you.


To love you unconditionally is so obvious and simple to your pet. Simple and transparent are also what our products are like. We use only necessary ingredients, because we know that less means more.

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