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  • Can I wash my dog with a shampoo for children?

    It is good to know that the skin of our favorites is very gentle. It is even more gentle than the child’s skin. Because of the basic skin reaction, when choosing the care products for our favorites we should primarily choose the products with the right pH, friendly for all our pets. What should also be considered is the quality of the products and avoidance of the ones with aggressive washing detergents and parabens. By obeying those rules we have the guarantee that the skin barrier is untouched and thanks to the right products it can be even strengthened. We should remember that the skin care can be pleasant both for the dogs and for his human:).

  • What is the difference between the shampoos on the SLS, SLES basis and the natural ones?

    Of course we use both products to clean our pets from dirt. Both the products based on SLS, SLES (considered to be strong detergents) , and the products based on delicate, natural ingredients will leave our pets’ skin and hair clean. It may seem that they fulfill the same function. However, when analyzing their chemical composition, the difference between them is like the difference between a car and a bike – they are both means of transport but work in a completely different way. That is why, when choosing the cosmetics for the pets, pay attention to the composition and the source of the ingredients. The more natural the washing basis are, the more safe and recommended the products for the skin and hair of our pets are.

  • Can I use the Totobi cosmetics?

    Our cosmetics are prepared on the basis of ingredients for people, but their pH is more balanced for the very gentle skin of animals. We can tell you in secret that it has not stopped our founders from testing them and even using them everyday.

  • Does the hypoallergenic shampoo Totobi has a smell?

    Of course not. Our hypoallergenic shampoo is based on natural raw ingredients. Its basis are delicate raw detergents and moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine or aloe. We avoid in it any artificial dyes and smells, because it is they who mainly cause itching and skin allergies.

  • How often should I wash my dog?

    We recommend a comprehensive bath once or twice a month. You can wash legs more often, with products designed for this purpose. Their main purpose is to clean the lower parts of the pet’s body from dirt and dust with which they are faced everyday during their walk.

  • Can I use the Totobi shampoos on a cat?

    Yes, of course, our products were created for all the dogs and cats. Because of various kinds of our favorites and their attitude to bath, in the Totobi’s offer you may find products for both dogs and cats. For those less keen on baths, we have products like a dry shampoo which will refresh our companion in a fast and easy way. This product does not require the use of water. Additionally, for the sake of cats, we have removed all kinds of citrus fragrance notes from our products, as they often cause allergies. We rely on plant based herbal compositions which are liked also by our Pupils.

  • Do the Totobi shampoos make a lot of foam and bubbles?

    The Totobi shampoos are natural products. They are based on delicate plant based washing detergents. They do not contain SLS and SLSE, responsible for the foam. It is good to know that the foam only creates an illusion of cleaning. More foam does not mean cleaner, and certainly not better or healthier. The Totobi products create a pleasant, creamy foam which cleans the skin and hair of our pets thoroughly and fully and makes the bath enjoyable and safe for the skin of our favorites.

  • My dog licks off the butter from his paws after application, is it safe?

    Yes. Our products are safe and non toxic. Additionally, any aggressive fragrances have been removed from them as to not provoke the dog to lick it off. For longer contact of our products with the skin and better regeneration, we suggest using our butters when our pets rest and are tired from playing. That way we can be sure that the richness of the active substances used in our butters will get through to the deeper layers of the skin, protecting and nourishing it.

  • Where are the Totobi cosmetics produced?

    Our Products are made in Poland. We cooperate with the best polish laboratories and technologies in order to provide the products of the highest quality, safe for our pets. The ingredients used to produce our cosmetics are carefully selected both for adequate stability at basic pH, as well as for odors and origin. Whenever possible, we cooperate with polish suppliers, thus supporting local business.

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