The difference between yours and your Pupil's skin - Totobi

The human skin has a pH ranging from 4.7 to 5.6 and is acidic. Your pet’s skin is different from yours, its pH is more basic. When it comes to healthy dogs the pH of their skin ranges from 5.2 to 9.2 and depends on the breed of the animal, its sex, phase of the sexual cycle, body area, coat color and the season. The pH value of large and giant breeds is higher, and of small and medium breeds its slightly lower. Cocker Spaniel’s skin pH has the lowest value of 5.8; while the German Shepherd Dog has the highest: 8.6. Skin pH is very important for the proper functioning of many of our pet’s skin cells. If the pH changes, the activity of those enzymes is different and the skin barrier may start to malfunction. In addition, pH is also important for regulating the development of the skin micro-organisms. And so, the cosmetics, products intended for washing, bathing and for direct application on the skin that change the pH of the skin may also affect the proper functioning of the skin barrier.

These differences indicate that products intended for human use (even those for children) are not suitable for your Pet.

And so, choose the products which are safe for his skin.



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