Brooch Dog and a bowl of food


15,52 EUR 15,52 EUR

Size: szer: 5 cm, wys: 4 cm

Size: szer: 5 cm, wys: 4 cm
  • Traditional modeling techniques

    • handmade
    • without using a potter's wheel
    • creation in five steps
    • unique in details
    • signed on the bottom
  • High quality clay natural raw material, created as a result of sediment accumulation, mainly of clay minerals, quartz and feldspar
    Ceramic glaze allowed for food contact
      • natural
      • allowed for food contact

simple case

  • 1. Handmade
  • 2. The product has an irregular form and can gently make different from than shown in the picture
  • 3. We combine funny and unusual shapes in traditional utility items
  • 4. We base on modern trends: simplified and graphic forms with a bit of a sense of humor
  • The brooch has a silver clasp, length: 3.5 cm.


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