Natural dry shampoo

express refreshing, anti odour, use - without water

34,90 PLN

Capacity: 300 ml

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Adult, Senior
Color: Gray, Brown, Black, Mixed
Gender: Male, Female
Hair length: Short, Middle, Long
Requirements for shampoo: strengthening
Type of shampoo: For bath
What need care: Coat
  • FREE:

    • SLS/ SLES
    • PEG/PPG
    • parabens
    • silicones
    • alcohol
    • colourants
    • salt
    • phosphates
    Cleaned water supports the action of active ingredients
    Vegetable cleaning ingredient coconut oil origin, effectively clears , strengthens the skin lipid barrier, has and anti-irritation properties
    Betaine - ECOCERT, NATRUE, COSMOS STANDARD origin of sugar beet , strongly moisturizes, conditions the hair, protects the skin
    Vegetable glycerol deeply softens, strongly moisturizes, regenerates, hair protective, prevents drying of the skin and hair
    Arginine - ECOCERT, COSMOS STANDARD vegetable origin, strengthens hair roots, helps in their growth, anti-static for frizzy hair
    Lactic acid nourishes and moisturizes hair, restores gloss, UV protects
    Natural anti odour - ECOCERT is produced in the fermentation process of plant raw materials, biodegradable, non-toxic
    Peppermint extract cleanses and refreshes, has anti-pruritic properties, keeping insects away, stimulates the energy metabolism of the hair root, cleanses and refreshes
    Calendula extract full of minerals, has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, restores shiny brightness , brings epidermis regeneration on
    Rosemary extract nourishes and revitalizes the hair fibers, prevents hair loss, for sensitive and irritated skin
    Aloe hypoallergenic fragrance composition, guarantees a pleasant, natural fragrance
    2% of the remaining ingredients offer pleasure of use and high durability of the product
    Natural dry shampoo for dog and cat. 100% vegan, hypoallergenic, with the right pH for your pet. Safe for puppies. Free: SLS/ SLES, PEG/PPG, parabens, silicones, alcohol, colourants, salt, phosphates. For dry bath without using water. Safe for animals licking their feet. Easy-to-use refreshing mist - cleans, cares, neutralizes bad smell. It smells beautiful like natural perfume for a dog. Perfectly refreshes between baths, visits to groomers, does not stick hair. Moisturizes and nourishes the coat structure. Perfect for summer, for trips, for holidays. It is like a natural summer cooling, it brings relief during hot weather. UV protects. Made in Poland. Tested on humans. Cosmetic with your pet’s name.
      • natural
      • vegan
      • hypoallergenic
      • environment friendly
      • tested on humans
      • made in Poland
      • with the right pH for your pet

simple case

  • 1. Hold the spray at least 20 centimeters away from hair, watch out for the eyes, ears and mouth
  • 2. Gently massage, leave for 2-3 minutes
  • 3. Dry thoroughly with a towel
  • 4. Brush the hair
  • 5. Hug firmly
  • Ready to use. Natural product - a small sediment may form during storage.


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