Natural all purpose cleaner

fragrance free, without rinsing, no sediment

17,90 PLN

Capacity: 500 ml

Age of cat: Adult, Senior
Age of dog: Adult, Senior

    • safe for pets noses and paws
    • simple solutions and pure ingredients
    • vegan friendly
    • hypoallergenic
    • safe for pregnant women and kids
    • I'm green plastic bottle is 100% recyclable or refilled
    100% NATURAL ORIGIN No secret names that are easy to pronounce, making them safe for You, Your Pupil and the planet
    Cleaned water supports the action of active ingredients
    Plant-based cleaning agent obtained from fatty alcohols from coconut oil and fruit sugars, effectively clean and degrease
    Surfactants with ECOCERT obtained from coconut oil and betaine remove dirt, stains and deposits, protect the cleaned surface
    Isopropyl alcohol is an antiseptic, mild organic solvent, effectively removes biological and mineral dirty, fights viruses and bacteria, accelerates drying of the cleaned surface
    COMPOSITION: non-ionic surfactants (<5%), amphoteric surfactants (<5%), isopropyl alcohol
    THE BEST FOR THE BEST FRIENDS It is a natural product designed for sensitive noes and paws. Based on simple solutions and clean ingredients. No secret names that are easy to pronounce, making them safe for you, your Pupil, and the planet. Perfect for cleaning bowls, toys, table tops and other surfaces. You can even clean your plates, mugs, cups etc. only if your pet allows you use it. Perfectly removes heavy dirt from grease, food residues, biological dirt, and other. Cleaning of bowls and accessories without the use of water is possible thanks to the Natural all purpose cleaner. You can refresh your pooch's or cat's accessories quickly and safely. No chemicals, no rinsing, no smell that remains on the cleaned surface. The sense of smell in pets is just as important as the eyesight in humans. That is why Totobi has created products that do not irritate the sensitive and delicate noses of our pets, and allow us to keep clean in the places where our pets are or on the objects they use. Safe for allergy sufferers, you don't need gloves to use it. By using the Totobi Natural all purpose cleaner, we not only clean but also disinfect the surfaces our pets come into contact with. You care about the environment by choosing natural products. Our fluid is biodegradable and safe for sanitary sewage systems and septic tanks. It is devoid of artificial smells, because they most often sensitize and are unpleasant for our pets' noses. We also do not use chemical and optical bleaches, formaldehyde, petrochemical raw materials, dyes. It takes care of the planet - packed in a bottle made of sugar cane with the label: I am green plastic HDPE, 100% recyclable or refilled. So do not hesitate to do it.
      • natural plant formula
      • antibacterial ingredients
      • friendly to people and the Earth
      • free of chlorine, dyes, optical and chemical brighteners, sulfates, parabens, enzymes, phosphorus, nanoparticles
      • made in Poland

simple case

  • GREAT CLEANING WITHOUT WATER: bowls, toys, countertops, floors, animal accessories
  • 1. Spray the surface, wait a while and wipe dry
  • 2. In the case of heavy dirt, repeat the procedure
  • 3. Test on an invisible surface
  • 4. You do not have to wash with water, thanks to which you save it
  • Ready to use. Natural product - a small sediment may form during storage.


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